an improvement to V3.5.1 BETA

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an improvement to V3.5.1 BETA

Post by mitunari » Sat May 21, 2011 9:35 am

I like iMacros very much, it is helpful to test my web application, but in comparison with its Firefox equivalent, iMacros for chrome looks shabby. I have made some improvement to it. I am glad to share my modified version. you can download it from the following link. ...

By this modified version, the following improvement are added.
1. screen capture.
you can use
to specify the image file name prefix as test. or
, to auto-generate name prefix according to page path or tab title.
a time stamp will be be appended to the name prefix automatically.

you can specify screen-shot image folder by

2. stopwatch
can be used to turn off the output of header of stopwatch result file. by this, you can get a simplified CSV file. a bug of stopwatch processing is revised.
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Re: an improvement to V3.5.1 BETA

Post by Tech Support » Mon Jun 20, 2011 2:42 pm

Thanks a lot for this update! We like the idea of the screenshot command and plan to add it to the official version as well.

It make take a few more weeks until we get there. Our goal for June is now to get the current version out of Beta, so we can retire the old V1.1.1 version ;)
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