Record keystrokes?

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Record keystrokes?

Post by Ruriko » Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:30 am

Is there a way to record keystrokes? cause I want to make it press the enter on the keyboard.
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Re: Record keystrokes?

Post by chivracq » Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:01 am

Ruriko wrote:Is there a way to record keystrokes? cause I want to make it press the enter on the keyboard.
Grrr...!, this time I will react...! There is no need to spam the Forum by asking the same Question in different Sub-Forums, you've already opened a same Thread in the FF Sub-Forum a few days ago...! :mrgreen:
- Can't record ENTER
Ruriko wrote:I set my record mode to experiment event mode and it doesn't seem to record my enter keystroke. Is there a fix for this?
Sorry but you use the Forum (or are trying to use it) in a completely useless way: :roll: :twisted: :mrgreen:
- You never choose the correct Sub-Forum (your Current Qt has nothing specific to CR and/or to FF to justify posting in those 2 Sub-Forums, the General Sub-Forum is there for that...). :mrgreen:
- You never follow up on your Threads. :mrgreen:
(I wonder how you managed to post 100+ times on the Forum, you have by far the lowest Answer Rate on the whole Forum..., slow learner for sbd who registered in 2007, you are one of the oldest Forum Users but you still behave like a Newbie while you should be a Model for other (new) Forum Users.... :roll: (Hum, and you should actually be answering Threads on the Forum better than me, I only registered in 2013, to return a little bit the "Service"...))
- You never mention any Required Tech Info like mentioned in the Forum Rules that you obviously never bothered to read... :mrgreen:

I tried to help you several times in the past but from a quick Search, I gave up 15 months ago with this Post (and deliberately never answered anymore any of your many fairly useless Threads since, until today that you now add some Spamming Parameter in your way to use the Forum...):
chivracq on 08 Oct 2014, 12:24 wrote:CIM...! :mrgreen: (I've already asked you several times, don't be surprised if you don't get any Answers to your previous Threads...)
- (F)CI(M) = (Full) Config Info (Missing): iMacros + Browser + OS (+ all 3 Versions + 'Free'/'PE').
- I don't even read the Qt if that (required) Info is not mentioned...!
- Script & URL help a lot for more "educated" Help...
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