Play loop option fields too small

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Play loop option fields too small

Post by supercain » Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:24 pm


I just downloaded the addon for Chrome and I noticed that the fields for the play loop options are way too small. I cant barely see them and they are also too narrow and you can see only 1 or 2 digits at a time which hardens visibility. Is there any way to modify this?

I have:

2. Windows 7 japanese
3. CHROME: Version 51.0.2704.106 m
3. Default

Thank you.
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Re: Play loop option fields too small

Post by iimfun » Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:29 am

I wouldn't advise to fight with the iMacros visibility.

Below is a macro that simulates the loop mode when one plays it in usual mode. Instead of {{!LOOP}} for 1, 2, 3... you simply have to use the {{normLoop}} variable. Maybe it will be more convenient for your tasks.

Code: Select all

SET startLoop 1
SET maxLoop EVAL("('{{maxLoop}}' == '__undefined__') ? prompt('MAX LOOP NUMBER :') : '{{maxLoop}}';")
SET E EVAL("if ('{{maxLoop}}' == '2' || isNaN('{{maxLoop}}')) MacroError('UNSUPPORTED MAX LOOP VALUE !');")

SET !LOOP EVAL(1-{{maxLoop}}+{{startLoop}})
SET normLoop EVAL({{!LOOP}}+{{maxLoop}}-1)

' just if you want to make sure that {{normLoop}} is OK
SET D EVAL("var d = 'Display:\\n\\nLOOP : '+ {{normLoop}} + ' OF ' + {{maxLoop}} + '\\n\\n'; MacroError(d);")
Note: the idea was taken from ... l-not-work
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