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Problem with iMacros

Post by taraconnor777 » Thu May 25, 2017 12:11 am

ok, i am completely new to imacros 11 for Chrome, to run Java correctly in Chrome--I just uploaded newest chrome,i think;I have windows 7,(I am not sure if the old chrome is still running) and everyone on line said,"get imacros to force yer Java to run on Chrome--so you can draw on sites that require CORRECT JAVA."-=--you know "oekaki-Japanese art sites? also, international "" --and one in Poland,But they all require a Java to run the art applets--or you cannot do art on the software!!Does imacros do this, either fix Java so it runs--or substitute for Java, and run the art applets itself?? I thought i read they subbed for Java, and got applets to run.Do I still need Java?heh--where is the manual for this? really, i am completely ignorant, and a senior, I can't spend all this time,work,energy, when i just want to get my art websites to work, on chrome or any browser. :( :roll: THANK YOU!!!---NEW MEMBER, Doreet
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