span element not found

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span element not found

Post by RakeshR » Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:38 am

Mods. Please just close this thread.
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Re: span element not found

Post by chivracq » Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:06 pm

RakeshR wrote:
Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:38 am
Hello there,

I am a new user and having difficulty working on one macro I am trying to. Please pardon me if this is not the proper way to ask or right forum. Please guide me with that. Just dont ban me right away :)

Its a forum where I want to click on each thread from the list and when the page is opened I want to click on "Like" button and then go back to the list of the page.

Its working fine and opening threads but for "button" its not working.

Here is my macro code

Code: Select all

I have tried POS 1 too

Here is span/href element I want to make click

Code: Select all

<a href="posts/408781/like" class="LikeLinkHide item control like" data-container="#likes-post-408781"><span></span><span class="LikeLabel">Like</span></a>
Yep..., this is indeed not the "right" Sub-Forum, your Thread/Qt has nothing specific to iMacros for CR..., the 'General' Sub-Forum would have been the "right" one... (But no need to duplicate now...)

(F)CIM...! :mrgreen: (Read my Sig...)
=> iMacros for CR v10.0.5, 'Free'/'PE'...?, CR74...?, OS...?

To "manage" your "Expectations", I don't help personally for "fake" Like/Comment/Follow/etc on Social Media and Forums :shock: , but good luck anyway with other (Advanced) Users... :wink:


+ For those interested, Parallel Thread on SOF:
- How to make element span working? It says not found
No Replies (yet)..., but the Thread on SOF contains a bit more Info, like the RuntimeError for example...:

Code: Select all

RuntimeError: element SPAN specified by CLASS:LikeLabel was not found, line: 5
- (F)CI(M) = (Full) Config Info (Missing): iMacros + Browser + OS (+ all 3 Versions + 'Free'/'PE').
- I don't even read the Qt if that (required) Info is not mentioned...!
- Script & URL help a lot for more "educated" Help...
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