iMacros does not select what I need... Rare

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iMacros does not select what I need... Rare

Post by sebaa » Sun Oct 27, 2019 11:33 pm

Hello everybody! and Hi chivracq! haha. I wanted to continue learning and I was thinking of several interesting ideas to continue developing and for the community to learn with me!

I will be posting the ideas I have in the following days!

But first I want to solve a strange problem that I detect ...

Some time ago I did some simple tests with small parts of code that worked perfectly ... Time passed and then I decided to continue with that code and add something additional without modifying what I had already created ...

The problem was that the code that worked stopped working and not by adding a new code (take it out to test it separately) it stopped working completely!

The problem is that it does not detect it in the chrome search engine (previously if it did ..)

I tried using the "Record" option to locate the part where you have to "click" but to my surprise it does not detect it, NOTHING appears!
Previously I had detected it with this same option ...

I deleted the code and decided to do another one by analyzing the HTML code but no variant works, I can't get iMacros to locate the area so that it clicks (no click with coords. Click of normal iMacros)

Why does iMacros not detect this?

Do not change anything, it is the same version of CR and iMacros ... everything as always!

Code: Select all

'Example NOT WORKING. But it's this selection...
:arrow: Any alternative for iMacros to select correctly without errors?
  • Windows 10 x64
    Chrome: v77
    iMacros: 10.0.5 'Free'
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