chrome won't execute imacros script on linux through cli.

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chrome won't execute imacros script on linux through cli.

Post by jakupl » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:47 pm

I made a html file like the wiki suggests and it looks like this:

Code: Select all

         <script language="JavaScript">
             function macro()
                 // Body of the original function on the created macro, i. e.,
                 // from "var m64..." until "...div.dispatchEvent(evt);"
                 var m64 =  "VkVSU0lPTiUyMEJVSUxEJTNEMTExMDMxMSUyMFJFQ09SREVSJTNEQ1IlMEFVUkwlMjBHT1RPJTNEd3d3Lmdvb2dsZS5jb20lMEFUQUclMjBQT1MlM0QxJTIwVFlQRSUzRElOUFVUJTNBVEVYVCUyMEZPUk0lM0ROQU1FJTNBZiUyMEFUVFIlM0ROQU1FJTNBcSUyMENPTlRFTlQlM0RoZXR0YXIlM0NTUCUzRXJpZ2dhciUzQ1NQJTNFc3V2aXJlbnQlMEFUQUclMjBQT1MlM0QxJTIwVFlQRSUzRElOUFVUJTNBU1VCTUlUJTIwRk9STSUzRE5BTUUlM0FmJTIwQVRUUiUzRE5BTUUlM0FidG5HJTI2JTI2VkFMVUUlM0FHb29nbGUlM0NTUCUzRVNlYXJjaA==", n = "testmakro";if(!/Chrome\/\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+/test(navigator.userAgent)){alert('iMacros: The embedded macros work with iMacros for Chrome. Support for IE/Firefox is planned.');return;}if(!/^(?:chrome|https?|file)/.test(location)){alert('iMacros: To run a macro, you need to open a website first.');return;}var div = document.getElementById("imacros-bookmark-div");if (!div){alert("Can not run macro, no iMacros div found");return;}var ta = document.getElementById("imacros-macro-container");ta.value = decodeURIComponent(atob(m64));div.setAttribute("name", n);var evt = document.createEvent("Event");evt.initEvent("iMacrosRunMacro", true, true);div.dispatchEvent(evt);}) ();
             }// end function macro
     <body onload="macro();"></body>
however when I run

Code: Select all

/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome file:///home/jakup/Desktop/imacrostest.html
chrome loads the google webpage, but the imacrostest tab is just a blank page doing nothing.

Any help would be appreciated
Daniel, Tech Support
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Re: chrome won't execute imacros script on linux through cli.

Post by Daniel, Tech Support » Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:04 pm


So you do see the iMacros panel, but nothing plays, right?
Does it work with the example from wiki?

Best regards,
Daniel, iOpus Support
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