Calling iMacros bookmarks with a hotkey combination

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Calling iMacros bookmarks with a hotkey combination

by Daniel, Tech Support on Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:10 am

As described in this topic: A guide to sharing bookmarks, macros and scripts, you can now save your FireFox macros and scripts as a URL and share it or run it yourself.

The following FireFox add-on makes it possible to start bookmarks using a hotkey combination. We checked it and it works very well with iMacros bookmarks. Now, instead of opening iMacros toolbar and starting a macro with a click, you can create a bookmark for it and run it with a hotkey.

Here is the add-on:
SiteLauncher 1.6.4

Best regards,
Daniel, iOpus Support
Daniel, Tech Support
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