What is interfering with DS CMD=CLICK in iMacros Component?

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What is interfering with DS CMD=CLICK in iMacros Component?

Post by BGood » Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:56 am

I have been using the iMacros Component since August 2011 and am having a problem getting the component to execute Direct Screen commands in my Visual Studio 2010 (VB) application. The application compiles and executes without exceptions with the iMacros component integrated, and the iMacros component executes iMacros scripts just fine against HTML pages, but when I try to simulate a mouse click with a DirectScreen click command like DS CMD=CLICK X=100 Y=100, nothing happens. I can click manually with the mouse, and the component browser responds appropriately, but not when the browser executes from a script.

I don't think the problem is in the iMacros Component because I can load, compile, and execute the same script using small demo projects like the samples distributed with the component. In those projects, the iMacros component executes the DirectScreen click command just fine.

I suspect that something in my application is interfering/intercepting the component browser's mouse click, but I just don't know what might be causing this interference. I am hoping that someone in the iMacros development community might have come across this before and can give me some guidance where to look. My application has about 100 modules, forms, and dialogs and 30 .net/COM assembly references, a few of which are 3rd party.

For comparison, the iMacros sample project has the following references: iMacros.Component, System, System.Core, System.Drawing, System.Windows.Forms, System.Xml, System.Xml.Linq. I verified that I am referencing all of these. The sample VB code also has the following Imports: Imports iMacros.Component, Imports iMacros.Component.EventHelpers. I am importing these as well in my code.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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