Image to click on not found during replay

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Image to click on not found during replay

Post by Tech Support » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:18 pm

Q: During recording of a macro I click on an image, which changes when I move the mouse pointer over it. The click is recorded using a TAG command. However, when I replay this macro iMacros falls over that command and stops with an error after a LoadCheck message. The error message is simply "Error in line: "

A: The problem could be that during record the mouse pointer is actually moved over the image, which triggers a mouseover event, which in turn causes the browser to change the image URL. This changed URL is then written into the macro. During replay the mouse pointer is not actually moved, the iMacros Tag command works purely on the HTML source of the website. Therefore the image is not changed because no mouseover event occurs. Hence the image URL is different to that found during record and the macro falls over. There are two solutions:

1) Use the WINCLICK command when clicking on the image (PRO Version and Scripting Edition only).

2) Change the URL written in the TAG command by hand - if you have problem with that, contact the support team.

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