Finding links in dynamic lists

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Finding links in dynamic lists

Post by Tech Support » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:33 pm

Identifying the correct link to click on is normally straightforward. The link is uniquely identified by its text content and POS atrributes. Even if links have the same text content we can use the POS attribute to find the correct link in a table.

However, when the table is dynamically generated and we don't know beforehand where the correct link will be we don't know what value to give the POS attribute. In this case we need to either determine the POS "on the fly" or use the URL of the link rather than the text content.

With iMacros it is more straightforward to find the URL of the link as we can use relative extraction to obtain this. Details on how to make a relative extraction are found in the online user guide:

This will give you the link in the !EXTRACT variable, which can then be used for the correct TAG command. You should use the HREF sub-parameter of the ATTR parameter: ATTR=HREF:some_url

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