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Delete Flash Cookies

Post by Tech Support » Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:51 pm

Flash cookies (aka MX Shared objects) are a new feature that allows websites to store information on the clients machine the same way as browser cookies would and retrieve it at a later time. An example of a suitable application for Shared objects data could be to remember the user's name, the number of the level he last played in a game,his highscore or anything else you can imagine.

Flash cookies are not deleted when you erase your browser cookies or use the iMacros CLEAR command!

Flash cookies are stored in .sol files located in the Flash player directory of the user's profile, example: "C:/Documents and
Settings/Administrator/ApplicationData/Macromedia/Flash Player", and have their own format.

You can delete them either by deleting these files, or you can use the iMacros WINCLICK command to open the Flash Player settings and select the "delete" buttons. This method has the advantage that the cookies are erased immediately (no browser restart required).


Click here for larger image.
This control panel is available in the "Global Security Settings panel" of the Flash Settings Manager on the Adobe website.
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