User feedback without scripts

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User feedback without scripts

by Hannes, Tech Support on Wed Feb 20, 2008 2:47 am

Using scripts, you have both, the iimDisplay() method and your scripting language's abilities to tell the user what is happening, or what he should do next.

In case you want to work with macros alone, here's three ideas:

1) Use the PROMPT command:
Code: Select all
PROMPT Watch<SP>the<SP>form! !VAR1 (Click<SP>OK<SP>to<SP>continue)

2) Use the (unofficial, as of v6.11) STATUSBAR command which displays up to three strings in the browser window status bar
Code: Select all
STATUSBAR Hello<SP>there! nothing nothing -

3) Make the website give feedback like e.g. in the "Demo-Filter" macro:
Hannes, iOpus Support
Hannes, Tech Support
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