Workaround: iMacros not recognizing page being fully loaded

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Workaround: iMacros not recognizing page being fully loaded

by Hannes, Tech Support on Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:21 am

On some pages where certain content is added "on the fly" (e.g. depending on some selection), iMacros might not be able to detect the site being fully loaded, which results in timeout errors on replaying a macro.

Here's how to work around a TAG that leads to such a page (and thus times out on replay).

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' make the macro wait no longer that a few seconds (instead of the default value of 60s)
' make the macro ignore the timeout that occurs after the !TIMEOUT interval is completed
' now run the "problematic" TAG
TAG POS=... TYPE=... ATTR=...
' reset default settings
Hannes, iOpus Support
Hannes, Tech Support
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