How to use iMacros with Anonymizer

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How to use iMacros with Anonymizer

Post by Tech Support » Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:56 pm

From our tech support department:

A user reported the following problem:
My IP adress is being blocked by a site that I am attempting to extract data from. I am using Anonymizer with the iMacros Browser and it is showing an IP other than my actual IP when I user Internet Explorer. In fact, I am able to access the subject web site using IE. However, when I attempt to use iMacros the web site blocks me and displays my actual IP address. It seems like IMacros is not using my Anonymizer IP. I know about the PROXY command but I am not sure if this is the answer.

Later the user reported the following solution :)
Anonymizer support has indicated that their product does not support third party products like the iMacros Browser. However, it does work if I use the iMacros Internet Explorer add-on from within IE. You may want to post this to your knowledgebase as there are many users of Anonymizer in the US.
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