Q UPDATE - multiple loops

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Q UPDATE - multiple loops

by hartflooring1 on Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:33 pm

**EDIT** - The previous question was not understood.
So I formulated my question differently, as I am still looking to resolve my issue with iMacros looping.

In iMacros I would like to have multiple loops.
    - First loop: Loops all rows in Excels
    - Second loop: Grab all the List elements found on the website ( per Excel row).

After a lot of work I feel I am finally getting somewhere.
The problem in the script is that I cannot get Loop {{n}} to grab all the positions of the page (list items).
Any help would be highly appreciated.

Code: Select all
var macro;
    macro =  "CODE:";
    macro +=  "VERSION BUILD=000000" + "\n";
    macro +=  "TAB T=1" + "\n";
    macro +=  "SET !ERRORIGNORE YES" + "\n";
    macro +=  "SET !EXTRACT_TEST_POPUP NO" + "\n";
    macro +=  "SET !DATASOURCE source.csv" + "\n";
    macro +=  "SET !DATASOURCE_COLUMNS 1 " + "\n";
    macro +=  "SET !LOOP 1" + "\n";
    //macro +=  "SET !TIMEOUT 3" + "\n";
    macro +=  "SET !DATASOURCE_LINE {{i}}" + "\n";
    macro +=  "URL GOTO=http://site.com/?what={{!COL1}} " + "\n";
    macro +=  "TAG POS={{n}} TYPE=LI ATTR=CLASS:classofdiv" + "\n";
    macro +=  "TAG POS={{n}} TYPE=SPAN ATTR=TXT:* EXTRACT=TXT" + "\n";
    macro +=  "SAVEAS TYPE=EXTRACT FOLDER=* FILE=All_list_items.txt" + "\n";

    for (var i=1;i<20;i++)
    iimSet("n",i)//<-- How to grab all the TAG POS of the website?
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