Commas in Text save as CSV File

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Commas in Text save as CSV File

by Ratfink on Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:22 pm

Hi All,
again, sorry for the newb questions. I really cant find an asnwer on this one however it appears everyone has expereinced but doesnt appear to be solutions or people who answered their own post with a solution but didnt post the solution? uuhhgg.


I am using the iMacros Browser V11.0.246.4051 to attemtp to figure any of this out. Where I am at now is dealing with scraping a text title that has commas in it. When it is saved as a CSV file of course it seperates out the words that has commas between them. For example.

Precut Insulation, Door Skin Damper Kit, Inner

I need this in one column in the CSV File NOT three colums.

There has got to be a way around this? can someone share a solution how to either eliminate the commas in the text or get iMacros to ignore the commas in the text when saving as CSV file.

Yes I know its comma deliminted,,, if I could change that? wouldnt know where that option is to change the dleiminters? even if that is possible? would it make a difference exporting text to a database? is that more difficult? I would think this would be a real common problem and that there would be simple soljutions all over? any help would be appreciated. thanks...
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Re: Commas in Text save as CSV File

by IrishMacro on Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:42 am

You can try two things

1 save into a txt file and then search and remove commas before opening the text file in excel (where you uncheck the "comma delimited" option.

2 create an EVAL statement in the macro itself to remove the commas before you save

SET !VAR1 EVAL("var s='{{!EXTRACT}}'; s.replace(',', '');")
or possbily
SET !VAR1 EVAL("var s='{{!EXTRACT}}'; s.replace(/\,/g, '');

Save VAR1 to file

(I didn't test those evals myself so you may have to experiment a bit.
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