Opening the Extract Wizard in the iMacros Browser

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Opening the Extract Wizard in the iMacros Browser

Post by Pjones » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:02 pm

I would like to try the Extract Wizard which is described in some articles and tutorials but from what I've read it does not exist in the Firefox version of IMacros (which is what I've been using). I had no luck installing the Chrome version of IMacros, so that leaves the IMacros Browser. I'd like to open the IMacros Browser anyway because a lot of tutorials are written from that point of view.

From what I've read, the independent IMacros browser should launch if I click on iMacros.exe in the Program Files folder. ( It's version 12.0.501.2305. )

However that click results only in an informational sales page which bears no resemblance to the browser depicted in various articles. In addition, that page "freezes" on the screen so that I can get rid of it only with the task manager and sometimes only by rebooting!

I may have been reading outdated instructions on launching the browser. How do I do it in the current version 12.0.501.2305?

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