Extract image path from table

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Extract image path from table

Post by tuanbusku » Thu May 24, 2018 9:40 am

Specialty electrics draw eyes at July series CHICAGO -- Whether it was the free food or the products themselves, lots of the buyers in the NHMA Mid-Year Show here gravitated toward stalls with specialty kitchen electrics.

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On display were an variety of appliances such as pastamakers, ice cream makers, breadmakers, cappuccino/espresso makers, juicers and waffle irons. While producers touted their goods, fresh bread, pasta, ice cream, cappuccino and espresso were prepared and served directly before the eyes -- and upset -- of attendees.
Judging from the numbers watching the food preparations take place, the interest level in the specialty market was large. And, many manufacturers agreed that the desire for specialty items is slowly increasing. However, according to some producers, only a few of the items now in the specialty niche are expected to profit from the increase in interest. In fact, most manufacturers of specialty products agreed that items such as pasta makers and ice cream manufacturers are leveling off either because of saturation in the market or because of what they predict overspecialization.

According to Lou Federico, divisional manager of kitchen products at Conair Corp., pastamakers and ice cream manufacturers are weakening. The reason, he explained, is these products need too much time and effort from consumers while delivering relatively few benefits and little convenience.
"We (Conair Corp.) have been assessing new niche categories. The market for pastamakers appears to be retrenching. Ice cream makers have also weakened. The biggest hangup in retail with ice cream manufacturers is the fact that it takes a lot of work to make something that's simpler to purchase already made." Galileo Buzzi-Ferraris, president of Lello Appliances, distributor of Simac goods, concurred that interest in pastamakers is subsiding. He clarified that the availability of fresh pasta in many grocers' freezers has diminished the need for customers to exert the time and effort to make pasta at home.
Buzzi-Ferraris' view is that"the high-end ice cream business has been screwed-up when Donvier introduced its guide ice cream maker, which retails for just about $30." Consequently, he said, prices for the whole marketplace were reduced. "Now to sell huge numbers of (high end ) ice cream machines is quite hard," he added.

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In response to the Donvier unit, Simac is now offering the Gelato Pronto; a $79 manual ice cream maker. In accordance with Buzzi-Ferraris the reduced priced device is selling quite well. As for Donvier, federal sales manager Alice Shoemaker responded,"I don't believe we screwed it up," referring to reduced priced ice cream manufacturers. "I think what we have done is altered the marketplace."
Tom Fletcher, vice president of advertising at Gourmet Housewares, distributor of a line of Gaggia products, including a manual ice cream maker, also disagreed with Buzzi-Ferraris. He argued that lower priced ice cream manufacturers really extend the market. According to Fletcher,"There is a big difference between a $30 ice cream manufacturer and also a $600 unit" He added that customers who purchase one would not be interested in the other.
One area where the two Gaggia's Fletcher and Simac's Buzzi-Ferraris did agree is the fact that cappuccino/espresso manufacturers are strong and should continue to rise tremendously. To fulfill the consumer demand for specialty coffee manufacturers, the two companies are marketing new blend cappuccino/espresso machines. "Right now," said Fletcher,"cappuccino/espresso machines are in vogue, probably because customers are traveling more and therefore are exposed to various sorts of coffees. The American people as a whole is growing more sophisticated regarding the consumption of coffee and consequently they are looking for variety."

Buzzi-Ferraris agreed. "The cappuccino/espresso marketplace is big, and it is getting even larger. We are responding to this growing market by developing a fully automatic device that will make it even simpler to make espresso and cappuccino coffees. We'll introduce our newest cappuccino/espresso machine at the January Housewares Show (1990)." According to Conair's Lou Federico, juicers and juice extractors are different examples of specialty items with growth potential.

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"I visit two merchandise trends, first there is the juicer that squeezes out the juice of soft fruits and vegetables -- for example, oranges, grapefruits and berries. Then there's the juice extractor which pulls out juices from fruits and vegetables that don't seem juicy -- for instance, carrots, pears and apples. I think the products are being driven by the health trend, which has been around for a while and the diet craze, which frequently requires drinking considerable quantities of juices"
Presently, Conair Corp. is advertising a juicer and based on Federico, can be looking seriously at juice extractors. As with other manufacturers, Federico agreed that the secret to manufacturing specialty goods is twofold. "Specialty electrics must provide benefits and conveniences," said Federico. "If we (Conair) look at a specialty merchandise, we ask ourselves,'Can it be providing a benefit?' And'Can it be providing a benefit?' If the solution is no, we're not interested."

He added,"We looked at breadmakers and decided it was too specialized. The final result is a small amount of bread which requires numerous hours to bake."
On the flip side, Keizo Kawanishi, executive vice president of Zojirushi America Corp., pointed out that not all breadmakers are equally. By way of example, he said the Zojirushi breadmaker provides consumers versatility, he noted is an aspect many customers are searching for in specialty products.
"Other companies," explained Kawanishi,"have components that just bake bread. Our apparatus can bake cakes, bread and make jams. A great deal of people at the (Mid-Year) Show showed interest in our breadmakers. Consumers often get breadmakers for individual use, and later purchase them as presents."
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Re: Extract image path from table

Post by chivracq » Thu May 24, 2018 9:48 am

tuanbusku wrote:Hello,

I have a table and one of the columns contains an image. I can extract the values from the other columns perfectly only I can't retrieve the path of the image....

Is this possible?

CIM...! :mrgreen: (Read my Sig...)

Pfff..., your Post is a bit vague, but yep, the Answer is probably YES..., the Data (= Path) you want is very probably defined "somewhere" in the HTML Source... :roll:
=> Try an 'EXTRACT=HREF' on your Image... :idea:
- (F)CI(M) = (Full) Config Info (Missing): iMacros + Browser + OS (+ all 3 Versions + 'Free'/'PE').
- I don't even read the Qt if that (required) Info is not mentioned...!
- Script & URL help a lot for more "educated" Help...
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