Problem with html code extraction

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Problem with html code extraction

Post by m4rco » Mon Nov 19, 2007 12:49 pm

Hi guy ,
I've a problem whith a particular html line extraction.
This is the html code of the page

Code: Select all

<H1><a href="/servlet/try?idDoc=555&mode=V">view</a></H1>
<H1><a href="/servlet/try?idDoc=555&mode=S">save</a></H1>
<h3>blablabla<sup><font size="-1">(1)</font></sup>&nbsp; blablabla</h3>
<H3>the doc<SUP><FONT size=-1>(1)</FONT></SUP>&nbsp; is ready</H3><BR><A onclick="return Vs('555','V')" href="javascript:void(null)"><IMG src="/maps/AA.jpg" border=0></A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A href="javascript:history.go(-5)"><IMG src="/maps/Back.jpg" border=0></A> <BR><BR><BR><SUP><FONT size=-1>(1)</FONT></SUP>&nbsp;rblablabla<FONT color=#ff0000>bla</FONT> </CENTER>

I would to extract from this HTML code this line

<H1><a href="/servlet/try?idDoc=555&mode=S">save</a></H1>

in particular only the string "/servlet/try?idDoc=555&mode=S" .
How i can do it?
I can? I'm being crazy...

Help me, thanks a lot!
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