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checkbox value

Post by shaves » Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:57 pm

I would like to retrieve the value from a checkbox (to determine whether or not it has been checked. I am using the code below and it returns "null" for both checkboxes even though one is checked and the other isn't.

MyMacroCode = "CODE:"
MyMacroCode = MyMacroCode + "VERSION BUILD=6140505" + vbNewLine
MyMacroCode = MyMacroCode + "TAB T=1" + vbNewLine
MyMacroCode = MyMacroCode + "TAB CLOSEALLOTHERS" + vbNewLine
MyMacroCode = MyMacroCode + "FRAME F=3" + vbNewLine
MyMacroCode = MyMacroCode + "TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT ATTR=NAME:rateSourceName&&VALUE:*&&NAME:rateSourceName EXTRACT=TXT" + vbNewLine
MyMacroCode = MyMacroCode + "TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT ATTR=NAME:prePaidFuelCheckbox&&VALUE:null&&NAME:prePaidFuelCheckbox EXTRACT=TXT" + vbNewLine
MyMacroCode = MyMacroCode + "TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT ATTR=NAME:airportRentalCheckbox&&VALUE:null&&NAME:airportRentalCheckbox EXTRACT=TXT" + vbNewLine

Any suggestions to get the value of each checkbox would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help....
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Re: checkbox value

Post by Tech Support » Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:23 pm


See also (last option in the list)
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Re: checkbox value

Post by udovcic » Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:52 am


How can you fail a test depending on the value of the checkbox?


If you expect that the checkbox should be checked, and its not, the test should fail.

Best regards
Josip Udovcic
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