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-301 error

Post by danhinz » Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:50 pm

Using iMacros browser to
1. Extract data from website and save to Excel file (currently 136 different fields)
2. Insert data from excel into second, third, etc. websites

Excel file is two columns:
Variable Name, Variable Value

The extraction string is of the form:

Code: Select all

Extraction macro is very simple:

Code: Select all

VERSION BUILD=6600525     
I build FlexVar in excel VBA inside a loop where Row is incremented (ZPC is column number)

Code: Select all

FlVarName = Cells(Row, zpc).Value
xmitStr = FlVarName + s2

iret = iim1.iimSet("-var_FlexVar", xmitStr)
In excel debug I see that the string is properly constructed. When run I get a -301 error Tag not found error and the message box appears to have the fully formed & correct string.

If I run the macro completely (manually) forming the full extraction string in iMacros it works properly (verified with several variables). I don’t want to construct 136 lines for extraction…

I have the same problem going back the other direction(to new website) -301 error again, the string appears to be properly formed in both Excel debug and iMacros error message. identical string except ends

Code: Select all

Running 6.6 because of unresolved problems w/6.80
http://forum.imacros.net/viewtopic.php?f= ... 311#p24311

Daniel, Tech Support
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Re: -301 error

Post by Daniel, Tech Support » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:17 pm

Hello, we highly apologize for coming back to you after such a long period of time!!

Before I start on it, would you please tell me if this issue is still relevant?
Daniel, iOpus Support
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