Q: clicking the correct link in table - 1 row per student

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Q: clicking the correct link in table - 1 row per student

Post by evanspj1 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:58 am

I am looking for some assistance if possible.

I would like to use imacros to automate uploading marked assignments (the file name consists of the username of the student followed by the mark) into the Moodle Learning Management System (see the upload screen below)
Most likely I will use VBA to look through the files by doing the following:
1. load the first file and extract the username of the person and the mark
2. find the username in the web page (this is in the 3 column)
3. move 4 cells to the right and click the STATUS link (this is in the 8th column) click the status link that that student
4. then add the grade, and point to the file then click the upload button on the upload page for that student
5. and then repeat

The bit that I have no idea of doing is step 4... How do I make sure that I click the STATUS link for the required student. How can I make sure that I click the correct STATUS link for that student? Any and all help gratefully received.

Peter Evans
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Re: Q: clicking the correct link in table - 1 row per studen

Post by MattBell7 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:03 am

you'd used Relative Positioning.

you select the correct username, then select the next grade link.


The important bit is the R1, this means the next one, from the current position.
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