New window instead of a tab

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New window instead of a tab

Post by shaves » Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:32 pm

I have a macro that works in version 6.90 without any issues. The machines with v6.90 usually have Windows XP.

I'm trying to update it for version 8.00.1865 and am struggling with 1 button. Some of these machines have Windows XP and some will have Windows 7.

In version 6.90, when I click on the "GO" button, a new tab is displayed and I can enter the data that I need and return to the selection screen without any issues.

I version 8.00.1865, when I click on the "GO" button (-ie), I get a new window displayed and cannot enter the data like before.

I version 8.00.1865, when I click on the "GO" button (-v8), I get a new "tab" but still cannot enter the data like before. I can push the "SUBMIT" button and it becomes disabled but nothing happens. I click on the "Close Window" button and the window closes but the data isn't updated. If I try to hit "submit" on the selection screen, I get a message that says a pop-up is still open and I should close or cancel it but there is no pop-up.

I've tried recording the steps but nothing is recorded. I've created an iMacros session with both (-v8) and (-ie) and the same things happens.

Is there any way to make the "new window" appear as a tab like it did in version 6.90? Is there another workaround that I can use to make this work?

Thanks for the help
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