Problem Switching to Firefox

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Problem Switching to Firefox

by mjohnson1857 on Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:09 pm

I run scripts from VBA code and one of the websites I monitor is not compatible with IE so I am trying to run it in Firefox. I changed my init code from

iret = iim10.iimInit("-ie", False)


iret = iim10.iimInit("-fx", False)

No problem, everything initializes and I play my setup macro and everything is fine. I then try to set a variable via VBA with:

iplay = iim10.iimSet("-var_taxid", taxid)

It runs fine in IE but I get an error code -921 in Firefox.

I am sure it is something simple, what am I missing?

ps. Using Imacros ver 11 and latest version of Firefox.
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