[HELP] How to pick up only the numbers of a code?

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[HELP] How to pick up only the numbers of a code?

by raphael.mca on Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:32 pm

Friends , I would like first to congratulate this community and say that I am very excited about the iMacros .
As I mentioned in my thread , I am new to programming and I'm still learning to do many functions.
If someone can give me a little help with a particular function I thank you.
This is the next I had a code in my imacro ( java ) he took a certain value that was displayed on a web page ..

Like this...
Page code
Code: Select all
<span id="trac-oue-pt" class="grd-grid-12 grd-with-top-pang stin">9.87</span>

Script code iMacro
Code: Select all
macro+= "TAG POS=1 TYPE=SPAN ATTR=CLASS:grd-grid-12<SP>grd-with-top-pang<SP>stin&&ID:trac-oue-pt EXTRACT=TXT\n";

However, the web page has been updated and now with the number is also displayed a text , and I need to be extracted only the numbers that text , as was done in the previous version .

Currently this so ...
Page code
Code: Select all
<div class="col" id="cotrc_ps_put">Here now<p>9.87</p></div>

Script code iMacro
Code: Select all

There is the possibility to do what I want ?
Thank you and God bless .
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Re: [HELP] How to pick up only the numbers of a code?

by Tom, Tech Support on Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:40 am

Hi raphael.mca,

Yes, you can use the EVAL command in your macro to further parse extracted data. See the reference page for examples.

Tom, iMacros Support
Tom, Tech Support
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