javascript available in iM? or only via html page?

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javascript available in iM? or only via html page?

by macrophage on Sun May 29, 2016 4:33 pm

- NEW to this product... spent 2 days just reading all I could about it

WIN 7 Pro, Trial Version iMacros Browser (x86) Version 11.1.495.5175 Released on 3/10/2016
Using iMacros Browser... Chrome is my second choice, but I see that all browsers are lagging behind iM for certain implementations

- IS THERE NOT A BACKUP WAY TO GET TO THE REFERENCE... the wiki was down for hours - ruined my reserved time
everything else on the NET worked fine! only the wiki(and the forum)

- I coded a quick extract of one result-page(table) which points to umpteen detail html pages
sweeping thru all fields in detail pages saving to a .csv
- using javascript EVAL in macro to build properly formatted output and inject default output to .csv
and create numbered-file-named batches. (ex: file001.csv)
- all smooth so far.

Need to now jump to the Scripting side so as to have a way to sweep thru the indexer at the bottom of each Result page
to access many more pages (...1,2,3, ..., 40 ...) from each result page
(Prev/next are the 3 dots at either/both ends, if present) middle ... is an ellipsis)

Alas after reading tons of useless stuff to me, I cannot see that there is a way to use javascript from the iM, only VBScript!?
Have already created the basic frame file.vbs SCRIPT to do preliminary testing...
- passing data via iimset() and iimGetExtract()... all good... BUT!!! I want to use javascript instead!?

What am I missing?! Is javascript not available on iM? Is it due to the WINDOWS Scripting Interface... VBScript only?
Must I scrap iM and move to Chrome or other(hopefully not freaking IE)!?
Must I battle all VBScript's idiosyncrasies!?

Hope someone chimes in with accurate detail.
Or point me to the area in the docs that makes it completely clear as to what where!
I seem to remember having read a clue somewhere... but no idea where!?

The person who can answer the above also should be able to see the below!

- any way to have the macro set a variable that gets picked up by the Script via an
async call thus allowing the Script logic to iimset values to control the macro?

- is there an equivalent like ON_MACRO_END ? ... a way to check macro has finished?

Am I interpreting any of this wrongly?
Instances where I have see the documentation leaving major gaps with iffy instructions!
- is ignored for every loop run except the first one. ??!
... that is quite unclear, no clue as to what that refers to (sequential loops/(nacro)nested loops!?)
Could someone elaborate on this one?
- The variable {{!LOOP}} represents the current loop number when a script is running in loop mode.
... that should be the first sentence at the very top!
- one must snoop and sniff to see if the Max Iteration setting can be SET in a macro and then assume NOT!!!
can it!? ... that would allow nested loops
and what is the max RANGE... 1 to ?
- Play button should say: Play (1 iteration)

EVAL: what if timeouts and intervals are used in eval... any info on the possibilities!? or Impossinilities!?

HOW TO SAVE 2 lines all all instructions pages!
Set By
[X] Internal iMacros program itself sets the value of the variable during program run.
[X] SET User can set this value via the SET command inside a macro.

SAVEAS: ... is really an append, needs an overwrite switch feature(with warning it is about to clobber a dataset/file on disk!)
Learned that the hard way and got confirmation once I encountered the FILEDELETE command!!!
Some note should be in the SAVEAS warning it IS an APPEND and a link to FILEDELETE

- why 2 variables if one writes to the other?!
- ...and one appears to be only a cmd with 3 presets!!! so, why not a command, instead of this forever remembering which does what?!
- and why playBACK and REplay !?! when a PAUSE command with parameters could handle all scenarios(even SINGLESTEP)!!
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