Looking for proffesional for guidance on VBA +iMacro

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Looking for proffesional for guidance on VBA +iMacro

Post by duadinam » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:39 pm

Good Afternoon.

I"m looking for help writing a iMacro script integrated into VBA.

The purpose of this Macro is to update the inventory on of our clients websites. I work at manufacturer and many of our large clients require us to update their inventory online. The process is time consuming.

Basically I want a Macro that will extract data from a spreadsheet and enter it into form fields. Unfortunately, there is not one convenient table where are all of the data is stored. Each item has it's own table, and to get them requires some navigation. I'm not sure if the addresses will change with session id.

This project will include the use of variables, navigating Javascript, html links, and validation as well.

This project is also a learning project for me, so I want to work with somebody patient and willing to teach me how this is done.

Thank you
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