Solutions for the -110 Macro not found error

Information related to the use of iMacros for form filling and data upload.
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Solutions for the -110 Macro not found error

Post by Tech Support » Wed Aug 30, 2006 2:39 am

This error typically happens with the iimPlay command if "something" is wrong with the path:

If you get this error, please check the following:

(1) Use only the macro name if the macro is in the defaut macro path: iimPlay ("yourmacro")

(2) The default macro path is displayed under TOOLS > OPTIONS > PATH tab. You can change the path there, too.

(3) If you use absolute path names, make sure you use the ".iim" suffix: iimPlay ("c:\yourfolder\yourmacro.iim")

(4) If you use iimRunner, make sure the path names and settings are correct for the user account under which iimRunner runs. To test this, simply log in as this user and test run the iMacros browser. See also for more iimRunner hints.
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