ONLOGIN, ONDOWNLOAD... failed with FF38.0.1 + iMacros 8.9.2

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ONLOGIN, ONDOWNLOAD... failed with FF38.0.1 + iMacros 8.9.2

Post by skippyto » Wed May 20, 2015 9:30 am

Hi !

All my my macros with ONLOGIN and ONDOWLOAD events failed when I tried FF38.

The demo Macro "Demo-Firefox/Download.iim" and "Demo-Firefox/SavePDF.iim" also failed (ONDOWNLOAD command was used but no download occurred.) :

Self-Test Report

Demo-Firefox/FillForm.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/Frame.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/Filter.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/Tabs.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/Javascript-Dialogs.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/SlideShow.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/TagPosition.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/Download.iim: ONDOWNLOAD command was used but no download occurred.
Demo-Firefox/SaveAs.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/SavePDF.iim: RuntimeError: element A specified by TXT:*Open<SP>small<SP>PDF<SP>Document* was not found, line 10
Demo-Firefox/Stopwatch.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/ExtractAndFill.iim: OK, Extract: null
Demo-Firefox/Extract.iim: OK, Extract:
This line is extracted.
The second line is extracted, too.

Demo-Firefox/ExtractURL.iim: OK, Extract:
Demo-Firefox/ExtractRelative.iim: OK, Extract:

Thanks to have a look at this issues :)

Tom, Tech Support
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Re: ONLOGIN, ONDOWNLOAD... failed with FF38.0.1 + iMacros 8.

Post by Tom, Tech Support » Wed May 20, 2015 2:19 pm

Hi skippyto,

The problem with the SavePDF demo macro is a known issue that will be fixed in a future release of iMacros.

I just did a fresh install of FF38.0.1 and iMacros 8.9.2. myself and the Download macro works fine for me.

Tom, iMacros Support
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