best CPU/MB/RAM for iMacros for FireFox in background/multit

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best CPU/MB/RAM for iMacros for FireFox in background/multit

Post by questions » Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:52 am

I'm getting a new PC running Ubuntu and I would like to know which is the best CPU for running iMacros for FireFox in the background while I do other things like:

1) ssh connections to servers
2) firefox, chrome, opera with a lot of tabs open
3) watch videos on YouTube
4) run text editors, wordprocessors, Gimp, sometimes edit a video
5) running python, perl, and php scripts from terminal
6) having a lot of applications open at the same time (graphics editors, word processor, video editor, 3 or more different browsers, ssh and vpn connections, vmware instances)

My biggest problem with my old PC was that it couldn't take the number of tabs and other programs that I would open (I could get 100 tabs open easily and 10 or more programs/apps open) and it would be nice to have my PC be doing stuff with iMacros while I write emails and do other stuff without bogging down my system.

So I want to know what is the best CPU/RAM setup for this kind of multitasking... is the CPU more important or the amount of RAM? I'm basically looking at the 6700k, the 4770k, and the 5960k.
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Re: best CPU/MB/RAM for iMacros for FireFox in background/mu

Post by Cobra99 » Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:09 pm

i think 32gb ram is minimum for your purposes
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