c++ type conversion between std::string and System::String^

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c++ type conversion between std::string and System::String^

Post by andrew » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:06 pm

EDIT -- I found the answer here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/353 ... -stdstring

Hi! I'm trying to write a c++ script that takes an excel (.csv) file as input. For background, I'm on Windows 7, am using the iMacros browser, and am running version 12.0.501.6698.

I can read the input into a std::string and parse that easily, but cannot do the same with System::String^. However, all the iMacros commands don't take std::string as input — they take System::String^. The issue is that I can parse std::string, but can't run iMacros commands with it. On the converse, I can't parse System::String^, but can run iMacros commands with it.

For example: (assume all variables are defined, etc.)

Code: Select all

std::string normalString  = "CODE:URL GOTO=https://www.google.com/"; // creates a normal string
System::String^ clrString = "CODE:URL GOTO=https://www.google.com/"; // creates a clr String

app->iimPlay(normalString,  TIMEOUT); // doesn't compile b/c iimPlay takes System::String as input
app->iimPlay(clrString, TIMEOUT); // works fine

getline(inputFile, normalString); //works fine, getline sets normalString to a line from inputFile
getline(inputFile, clrString); // doesn't compile

clrString = normalString; //also doesn't compile
This is the same for cstrings/char arrays.

Is there a way to convert from std::string/cstring/char array to System::String^? Thanks!
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