Chrome iMacros Bookmarks request

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Chrome iMacros Bookmarks request

Post by raztus » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:38 pm

* Please note that the current iMacros V2.0 can read and run iMacros from bookmarks. but it can not store macros in bookmarks. Please use V1.1.1 for creating iMacros inside bookmarks. Please let us know if and how you use the iMacros as bookmarklets feature, and if you want to us to add the "store macro in bookmark" feature to V2.0 again in addition to the new ability to store macros as text files. (From the 2.0 beta release note.)
I use bookmarks as a convenient way to login to some site and automate tasks. Basically, since the frame is not available in chrome, a bookmark is the most convenient (fewest clicks) way to run my iMacros. I just upgraded from v1.1 to fix the multiple instances issue, and really miss this feature!

Also, I added a comment to the extension page for iMacros 2.0 beta:
By default (Windows XP, Chrome 5.0.375.86) the extension does not create its own save directory. This means you cannot save. Instead it throws a silent error: "Error occurred while building file tree: Error: Error calling method on NPObject!". To fix this go to the iMacros Preferences (Tools > Extensions > iMacros > Options) and change the directory for "Macros directory path" to an existing file on the drive. Alternatively, create the directory it wants by default: ...[My Documents]\iMacros\Macros
This seems to be a bug.
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