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HIRE $$ Consulting / Programming

Post by iliketobuy » Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:18 am

Would like to know if this is possible with iMacros.

We have users in different locations across the world accessing websites and triggering "Buy" responses from their location where they run an imacro script.

What we would like to have happen, is when they trigger this response (which right now, it's by clicking "start" on the macro) to send this request to a database where this buying process could be done from a browser at a different location.

So basically, when they trigger the response, the macro is run on a PC outside of their location to a different iMacros instance on another machine.

Is this possible out of the box with iMacros? Combination of greesemonkey and imacros?

Interested in having this developer ASAP.

Thank you for all comments, suggestions and feedback in advance!
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