Extract a first number from text

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Extract a first number from text

Post by garzew2 » Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:22 am

Hello. I am trying to extract a number from text using firefox javascript.
My js file:

Code: Select all

ret = iimPlay("ext.iim")

extr =iimGetLastExtract(1)
alert (extr);

varr = extr.replace(/^[^\d]*(\d+)/ , '');
alert (varr);

Code: Select all

TAG POS=1 TYPE=FONT ATTR=TXT:Witaj<SP>urzytkowniku.<SP>Jesteś<SP>* EXTRACT=TXT
So ext.iim extract a text like this: Witaj urzytkowniku. Jesteś 23 w kolejce. Poczekaj 33 sekundy.
Numbers can be random, and i need to get only first number- in this example 23.
My javascriptfile (i created form information founded in internet) is using regexp to extract number, but it return all numbers - 2333.

I am not a programer and asking someone to help me fix this to get from extracted text only first number.
This first number can be a one, two or three digits number.
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Re: Extract a first number from text

Post by siniy » Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:57 pm

In my opinion "match" will be better here.

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var MyStr = "Test 11 its 22 imacros 33 script";
var num = MyStr.match(/\d+/);
		alert("No numbers found");
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