iMacros for Firefox 9.0.3 released

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Tom, Tech Support
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iMacros for Firefox 9.0.3 released

Post by Tom, Tech Support » Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:01 pm

This release is a major upgrade to iMacros for Firefox and represents a significant milestone to maintain compatibility with the Firefox browser. Specifically, only iMacros 9 and later is compatible with the new Multiprocess Windows support (also known as Electrolysis, or e10s) available in Firefox 48 and later.

If you are using the latest Firefox and Multiprocess Windows support is enabled, then you'll also need to upgrade to iMacros for Firefox 9.0.3.

Due to some of the constraints imposed on add-on developers by this new browser architecture, the following features of iMacros are no longer available in Firefox:
  • SCREENSHOT TYPE=BROWSER is no longer possible
  • SAVEAS TYPE=CPL is not available anymore
  • File Upload in the TAG command cannot be supported
  • CLICK (X/Y) record mode is now deprecated, use EVENT mode instead. However, existing macros that contain CLICK commands can be replayed.
The following were never officially supported and had to be removed as well, since Firefox no longer allows access to the page DOM from the browser context (only frame scripts can do so now):
  • No access to webpage DOM from javascript in .js files (window, content objects) or macros (URL GOTO=javascript:...)
  • imns (iMacros namesapce) is no longer accessible
Please be aware also that iMacros 8.9.7 will continue to work with Firefox 48 if Multiprocess Windows support is disabled. See also: How to downgrade iMacros

We welcome user feedback about this and every release! Feel free to share your thoughts as well as report any unknown issues here after viewing the list of known and reported issues in the latest release.

Tom, iMacros Support
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