Can not open "filepath" directory to read macros

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Can not open "filepath" directory to read macros

by curlycorona on Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:30 pm

Hello all!

I'm having a bit of a complication. iMacros was working for me fine after recently updating to Windows 10 at the office, but there's been a hitch. While iMacros was working fine for a while after the update, I've suddenly lost the ability to use it. With the update, my username has changed to be my actual name. And my actual name has an apostrophe in it. (ie, Jane O'Person) In the last few days, iMacros has been unable to read the filepath because the apostrophe in the filepath is being replaced with this character: 

Instead of the path being C:\users\JaneO'Person\documents.... it's C:\users\JaneOPerson\documents... which is what I think the main problem is.

I've tried changing my username to exclude the apostrophe, but this is a work computer/account, and I'm having trouble with that. Is there any way to work around this besides changing the username?

Other information, per the Tech Support sticky:

1. I'm using the most recent version of imacros. I uninstalled and reinstalled them just in case.
2. I'm running windows 10.
3. I'm using firefox 48.0.2.
4. I cannot access the demo macros at all because of the file path issue.

Any help would be great. I've been trying pretty hard to change my username, but many of the online tutorials have features not enabled on my account.
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