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PROMPT formatting

Post by rstancuna » Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:36 pm

I'm trying to find a way to format the output of PROMPT so that i can create something similar to a table since i have strings of different lengths and want them to be aligned. JS alert() does support tab spaces (\t) but if output is too long it will show with scroll bars so i prefer iMacros PROMPT since if output is too long it will just resize the window.
An output would be like:
Problem is that PROMPT window is using a font (Arial maybe?) that doesn't have fixed character width and changing font settings in browser doesn't do anything in PROMPT window (nor alert()).
If i could change the font, then i could do something like this to make sure every block of text is the same size:

Code: Select all

emptyspace=" ";//emptyspace="_";
PROMPT does support Unicode characters, i made a function to change to some fonts, but even those which are fixed width in browser webpage don't show as fixed width in PROMPT:
promptfont.PNG (19.11 KiB) Viewed 7949 times

Any way to format PROMPT, to add tab spaces or just change the font(Courier New) to make some blocks of text the same width?
Waterfox 56.2, iMacros V8.9.7 on Windows
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