Tweet Scheduling Consultancy

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Tweet Scheduling Consultancy

Post by janib4all » Thu May 02, 2013 8:00 am


I know you would be considering why am I offering this service and does it really work; well, there is always a start of everything – you need to try it once. Personally, I have helped around 7 companies including Classified, B2Bs and local websites in setting their tweets and they are still benefiting from my services.

For complete go through about what I exactly do for my clients and how each step is performed, I have written an article, check it out yours at ( It will help you in understanding my strategy, you are most welcome to do everything yourself, it will surely help you in driving relevant traffic quickly, you can purchase iMacro scripts from me individually or if you want me to do it for you – be my guest. There two are the sample twitter accounts which I use to schedule tweets for one of my clients @alicewilsons @GlenNero. Check them yourself, each contains rich amount of information, complete websites are covered and webmaster/owners can easy track my efforts using Google analytics (it should everything about visitor including keywords).
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