Using iMacros for Chrome's Settings Page

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Using iMacros for Chrome's Settings Page

Post by Zyke » Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:16 pm

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to clear a few specific cookies from Chrome's settings menu. Because the settings menu gets loaded like an HTML page, I thought about using iMacros to automate the process, however, a Runtime Error states that "TAG command can not be executed because it requires a Web page loaded in active tab. Current page is chrome://settings/cookies/".
It works on normal web pages, but not on Chrome's built-in ones. Is this because iMacros doesn't support them? I'm guessing it is because they are not loaded like iMacros is expecting them to.
I tried to use the WAIT command and setting the TIMEOUT to 120 (like I read somewhere online), but to no avail.
I also read about the CLEAR command, but from what I've understood, it only clears ALL cookies, not just specific ones.

Here is what I wrote (not sure about the last line, but it never got executed, so I'll test it once I solve this issue)

Code: Select all

URL GOTO=chrome://settings/cookies/
TAG XPATH=".//*[contains(@class, 'cookies-search-box')]" CONTENT="google"
TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=TEXT:"Remove all shown"
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